Google Ads: Advertiser Identity Verification Makes Ads More Trustworthy


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Recently, Google has been having trouble keeping the reigns on ad integrity. So called “bad actors” have been attempting to misrepresent themselves and putting spam at the top of search queries through paid ads. The company is working on an effort to protect the advertising ecosystem by weeding out toxic advertisers. These untrustworthy agents may “pollute” the waters of digital commerce.

The new protocol requires identity verification for advertisers utilizing the Google Ads tool. The goal is to eliminate spam and irrelevant ads at the top of our search queries. Google announced the new protocol on April 23, 2020. According to Google, the change will help people understand “who the advertiser is behind the ads they see.” The change is implemented in an effort to “help them make more informed decisions when using [Google’s] advertising controls.”

What can Google Adverisers Expect?

Google’s Support Page explains in more depth. Here they outline the hoops advertisers must jump through in order to keep their ads running. Advertisers will receive both an email and notification in their Ads account when it’s time to complete the verification.

Knowing whether your account is considered “Individual” or “Business” is the first step to ensuring a smooth verification process. If you aren’t sure, you can check the payments profile page under “Billing & Payments.”

Individuals and businesses must submit the completed form within 30 days. Businesses must also include registration documents that verifies the business’s name, address, and EIN. These documents may include a W-9, articles of incorporation, or other IRS documents. This is all considered “Step 1” of the process. “Step 2” is next. Google just mentions advertisers “may be asked” to complete it. Those organizations will be required, once again, to turn in a registration document. Additionally, they will have to send in a copy of a government issued photo ID from the authorized representative of the account.

Google also mentions that advertisers may have to renew their verification in order to ensure that advertisers are still authentic.

Agencies: Start Planning Now

Agencies that manage multiple Google Ads accounts will need to verify each advertiser individually. Start preparing by notifying each client about the upcoming verification process and collecting any necessary documentation. Make a plan now to avoid scrambling when the notification comes from Google.

Advertisers who are not prepared may have difficulties. If they miss the deadline may lose traction when ads stop running due to delays in gathering the necessary information.

Making the Digital Advertising Ecosystem A Better Place

We may have to go through some trouble to prove advertiser identity to Google, but the proposed results appear to be worth it.

All searchers will have the option to see what country an ad is coming from and who is displaying it. Traffic will be directed only to legitimate advertisers. In addition, searchers will now be well-informed; this means that traffic will be comprised of well-informed searchers now armed with the capability to make better informed decisions.

All of these advantages combine to, according to Google, “help support the health of the digital advertising ecosystem.”

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