SEO Services: How UP Market Media Quadrupled A Client’s Organic Users in Six Months


by UP Market Media



The Challenge

A local law firm serving Southeast Georgia wanted to increase their online presence. Their existing site had limited visibility and low numbers of organic traffic. This firm had an established office in Savannah and  had recently opened an office in Statesboro.

UP Market Media was initially contracted to update and restructure the client’s website to make it more functional and visually appealin. To build on the momentum that began with the newly designed website, the client retained our services for search engine optimization.

UP Market Media set the initial goal of increasing this client’s organic ranking, boosting organic traffic, and strengthening their local visibility to compete with other firms in Statesboro.

The Strategy

  • A website audit report was generated to discover any additional technical improvements the website needed.
  • We conducted research to determine the best keywords to target while optimizing the firm’s website content.
  • Utilizing a position tracking tool, we monitored the client’s rankings in the search engine results pages (SERP) vs. some of their top competitors.
  • Finally, we built a strong local presence for the firm by optimizing their online business listings across multiple platforms.

Once these initial steps were taken, we optimized the website’s content to include targeted keywords and demonstrate our client’s expertise in the relevant subject matter. This helped to increase readers’ trust in the firm and improve the site’s authority. We were also able to improve the website’s overall health with faster speeds and a better end-user experience.

The Impact

UP Market Media’s SEO services generated a notable improvement in quality organic traffic on this law firm’s website. We saw the following when comparing metrics from September 2021 to April 2021:


Increase in Organic Users


Increase in Pageviews


Increase in Goal Completions


Increase in Sessions

Within six months, the amount of organic users for the website more than quadrupled. Organic pageviews and sessions also increased substantially. This increasing rate of traffic creates even more visibility and leads for the law firm. More importantly, this lead to a 120% increase in goal completions without spending any money on paid ads. 

In September, the client had an average organic and local visibility of 15.17%, while competitors ranged around 10% or lower. Continuous content optimization and technical maintenance to the website will help the firm’s visibility remain strong against competitors.

Looking Forward

With ongoing SEO services, the client’s organic ranking is improving monthly. Combined with strong local SEO, this will work to help establish their place among larger competitors in a broader market.

Our next goal is to increase the amount of time users are spending on the site, which typically translates to an increase in conversions.

This case study demonstrates the power and value of SEO services. Imagine the difference this could make for your business.

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