Scaling UP: Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing in 2020


by UP Market Media



The landscape of marketing has been evolving steadily for the last two decades. Digital Marketing has become central to the success of any business. The nature of online marketing is perpetually changing. It’s no wonder many small businesses are leveraging marketing agencies who specialize in digital marketing. It’s easy to see why not just big corporations, but small businesses need digital marketing agencies.

So, why is this such an important step for companies who are looking for significant growth?

The volume of information:

Even for savvy small business owners, keeping up with all of the constant changes from Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms is a full time job. In 2019 alone, Google has put out six (6) major algorithm updates. Thousands more smaller tweaks mean that staying at the top of the search means constant adjustments to websites, ads, and more.

That doesn’t even cover the changes to Facebook. Facebook has bought Instagram and WhatsApp. It seems they change their algorithm almost daily. Then there are the new platforms that seem to emerge yearly.

Social Media is an overwhelming beast unto itself. The reality is managing a business’s online brand is more than the average person can keep up with.

The time it takes to run:

Simply keeping up with the constant interaction with an audience can be incredibly time consuming. Even businesses who are fantastic at maintaining an online presence with social media posts can become overwhelmed. When working with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO enters the mix, the time rises exponentially.

It’s easy to see why working with a digital marketing firm who can help bear the load is so important. For a business who is looking to just maintain their audience, producing constant content can be hard. If business owners are looking to scale, a knowledgeable firm is no longer a possibility. It’s a must to work with an agency who can help you develop a solid social media marketing strategy.

What should you look for?

A good digital marketing firm has a few key things you should expect. You should always work with a company you trust. The foundation of digital marketing is trust. Your customers need to trust you, and you should trust your marketing firm to convey that to your audience. There are also technical offerings a good firm will offer. Whether you are taking advantage of full service representation or a la carte and concierge services, a good firm will offer:

  • Website Development/Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Directory Listings

Who should you look for?

Any marketing agency worth its salt will be well rounded. You will have team members who are creative to help you develop, expand, or carry your vision. There will also be members of the team who help make sure that things don’t fall through the cracks. A great firm will be committed to their clients’ success.

Client Success Management

At UP Market Media, we have taken the extra step of bringing on our new Client Success Manager to ensure a productive and enjoyable experience for our clients. Hayden LaTulip joined the team in March and aims to provide above-and-beyond service from the very first consultation. Her goal is not just to meet, but exceed our clients expectations.

She works with our clients to ensure their needs are met from their initial consultation to our monthly report reviews. Also acting as the main point of contact, Hayden offers easily digestible answers to questions about more technical services so clients can better understand the work product UP Market provides leaving you free to focus on meeting the needs of your ever growing business.

Built on STRATEGY. Driven by Data. Proven By Success.

We are a full service marketing firm. That means we go far beyond building your website. We even handle traditional marketing for many of our clients. We want to see you succeed. If you are a business owner looking to move UP to the next step, give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

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