The Google Glitch that Sent SEOs Scrambling


by UP Market Media



2020 has already thrown some massive curves our way, but in the digital world and the real one. After nearly a full year of COVID-19 pandemic chaos, Google decided it would be a swell time to put out a MASSIVE update that shifted the way the search engine analyzed websites for ranking. It has since been dubbed the Google Glitch of August 2020. It sent many into a frenzy.

Most SEO’s have spent the last 5 months trying to make sure that we are all optimized for the Core Web Vitals that are now critical to site health and ranking according to that update. Imagine our anxiety peaking when all our hard work seemed to disappear with a massive error in the webmasters indexing and ranking algorithms.

Google rankings went crazy on August 10, 2020!

While the rest of the world is placing bets on whether the next 2020 dumpster fire to extinguish will be sharknados or an alien invasion, we have other concerns. Those of us looking at the back end of websites are holding our breath for something less tangible and more…well…digital.

So, when August 10th saw massive drops in rankings for well established sites across the internet, we thought the big one had hit. Rumors spiraled throughout the SEO community about the roll out of a new, even more frightening update. We braced for another 6 months of updates and adjustments.

When August 11th rolled around, Google started releasing some information on it. We breathed a collective sigh of relief as Google’s lead Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller reported “I don’t have all the details yet, but it seems like this was a glitch on our side, and has been fixed.” So, it was not an update as we feared.

Thank the Google gods, we are safe…for now. For the most part, the rankings seem to have moved back to normal. However, agencies like UP Market Media who provide monthly reports to their clients will be making note of that dip to keep our clients aware of traffic patterns affected by it.

Google is constantly updating their algorithms.

In the meantime, we are aware that Google will likely have another small update at the end of this year. Though it won’t be on par with some of the immense updates we’ve seen in the past, like the Core Web Vitals update from March, it will likely have some impact on Google search results. Of course, every time that Google releases an new update, it is in an effort to improve user experience and render the best results to queries. It is important to stay on top of all of the updates and information that is available.

You don’t have to figure it out alone.

With our Search Engine Optimization, UP Market Media helps our clients stay at the top of the rankings by implementing the important changes before these big updates come along so that they are rarely if ever seen in the rankings. We also track rankings and conversions and report ALL of these numbers to our clients so that everyone is on the same page. You can be sure that you are getting the best investment when you trust your marketing to us.

Google glitches don’t have to be scary or a headache. With the right agency managing your site, you can breathe easier. Here at UP Market Media, we build relationship with our clients so that we can understand your goals. Then we employ a decisive SEO plan with best practices, honest techniques and clear reporting. Call us today and let us take your site UP!

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