So, you’ve had this small business for a while now, and you’re thinking it’s time to start making use of social media to boost your visibility. Facebook seems to be the most logical place to start, but is it? With constantly adjusting algorithms, you’ve heard that “organic reach is dead.” You’re wondering if advertising on Facebook is really worth the investment.

In short, YES! Emphatically, confidently YES! Let the “YES” ring out across the blogosphere.

There are a host of reasons why Facebook advertising can benefit your company, and you don’t have to spend a fortune either. Here are just a few of the KEY reasons why Facebook Advertising can increase your visibility and help you grow your business.



     If you aren’t sure what targeting is, basically, it lets you choose a very specific demographic to “target” with your ads. Facebook gives you targeting options a-plenty. It’s a sure bet that your ad for custom high heeled shoes won’t get far with the rural farmer, so you have the option of NOT advertising to men who live in rural areas. From geographic targeting to age and gender, the options are vast. Gearing your advertising to precisely the demographic your business applies to means that there are no wasted dollars on your ad appearing in the feed of the wrong person.



  • QUANTITY of PEOPLE: Let’s face it, though the younger generations are on Twitter and Instagram, most are STILL on Facebook, also. Their moms, dads, and even grandma and grandpa are all on Facebook these days. Gone are the days of “Googling” people’s info. Now, the first place I check is Facebook. What about you? Nearly everyone is on there. So, it stands to reason that Facebook Advertising offers the broadest arena for exposure. With nearly 1.2 BILLION active users last quarter, Facebook has rapidly become the go to tool for reaching the broadest audience possible. This leads to my next point.
  • FACEBOOK VS. GOOGLE: Facebook has recently surpassed Google as the number one referrer to websites. Yes, you read that right. More than the internet titan GOOGLE, Facebook is referring people every minute to a website. Why couldn’t that be YOUR website? It could be. With “organic reach,” you may be limited to those folks you know, but plug in a Facebook Ad and watch your click count rise. Facebook is, at this point, possibly the largest and yet most underutilized marketing tool for small businesses. This is often simply because small business owners (even some big business owners) don’t know how to properly take advantage of the social media advertising capabilities offered through Facebook.


  • IMAGES: Admit it. You’ve done it. Clicked on a picture without even realizing what Facebook page it was leading you to until you got there. We all have. We live in an image driven society. This is, to a large degree, why apps like Instagram are so popular. Facebook Advertising allows you the option of utilizing this propensity by letting you ad eye catching images, funny memes, or inspirational quotes. One great option is using these ads to familiarize your target audience with your brand which you can do by posting your logo or other key image of your company.



  • PAGE ENGAGEMENT: The upshot of all of this is page engagement. As people interact with your ads, they will begin to interact with your Facebook page. As they begin to interact with your website. The key is to create posts and ads that are engaging. The more you can get people “Liking,” “Sharing,” and especially commenting on your posts, the better off your page will do. Page engagement increases your visibility which increases the public’s familiarity with your brand which leads people to trust your brand, sometimes without even knowing why. Ah, the power of advertising.

If you still aren’t certain that Facebook advertising is for you, or if you aren’t sure how or where to begin, call UP Market Media and we can help understand all of the benefits of digital advertising including Facebook Advertising and more. Request a free consultation online today, or give us a call (912) 690-3653 and let us help you get your business moving UP!