Digital Marketing: Growing Your Business During a Pandemic


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What can you do to keep your business growing during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Months in to the COVID-19 Pandemic, small businesses are feeling the pinch of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine. While many are seeing dramatic loss of income, some others are finding ways to adapt. The most successful are taking the lack of in person clients to focus on ramping up their online marketing. It’s becoming easy to see how online marketing will sustain businesses through the coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

In times like these, some small businesses, fearful of the loss of income, are tightening belts and drawing in. However, through the economic ups and downs of the last two decades, we have seen that the better choice is to step boldly into the world of digital marketing. When others stop advertising, it makes your company all the more visible.

“It is during the bad times that the skilled manager lays firm foundations for future growth.” – Konosuke Matsushita, Founder of Panasonic

One of the most effective ways to establish a strong foundation for the future of your company, is investment in your online brand and marketing. It is clear that the internet is a permanent part of our lives. In a time when face to face business is not only inconvenient, but dangerous, your online presence is more necessary than ever.

Online shopping trends have been steadily rising for a decade now. Platforms such as Woo Commerce have made it easier than ever for small businesses to connect directly with their customers. The advances in mobile technology mean that the lines between online and in store shopping are blurred.

During this globally “bad time,” to use Matsushita’s words, more people are working from home than ever before. This leads to a new reliance on the internet for everything from daily news, to social interaction, to products and services. Now is the prime time to invest in raising your brand awareness online.

Soon enough, the pandemic will pass, and we will return to something closer to normal. However, the investment you make today in content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and digital ad copy can  ad copy can be the firm foundation for your business to see continued stability through the Coronavirus outbreak and exponential long term growth.

There is no doubt that it may seem intimidating to invest in digital marketing right now. However, Wise business leaders understand that they are building relationships with their potential clients even now. As with any relationship, your current and potential clients will respond to your constancy through this time with greater trust in the future.

Are interested in finding out how digital marketing can help your business thrive during this time? The team at UP Market Media are here to walk through establishing your digital marketing plan to keep your business strong and growing through the pandemic, give us a call today.

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